About ACE Denmark

Center of Excellence

On June 9th, 2016, Venstre, Socialdemokratiet, Dansk Folkeparti, Liberal Alliance and Radikale Venstre signed an agreement on the acquisition of new fighter aircraft to replace the current F-16 aircraft.

The parties agree that the Danish fighter aircraft will continue to operate from Skrydstrup, which is to be rebuilt and prepared to receive the Joint Strike Fighter combat aircraft (JSF).

The decision reinforces Haderslev Municipality’s vision—together with the Armed Services, defence companies and political partners—to create the framework for a groundbreaking industrial co-operation in the form of a clustering of aircraft maintenance facilities for primarily military, but also civilian, aircraft.
This aircraft ance area is at an international level so this technological co-operation will be called the Aeronautical Centre of Excellence Denmark—ACE DENMARK.