Strategy and Activities

Strategy and Assingments

The above vision and mission should be supported by a strategy in which ACE DENMARK—through ambitious and visionary activities, objectives and targets—will achieve the results that constantly support ACE DENMARK’s mission and leads ACE DENMARK towards the organization’s vision.

A successful establishment of ACE DENMARK requires the support and backing of the Armed Services. There must therefore be established dedicated and focused efforts on establishing co-operation between the Armed Services and private industry, following the principle of GOCO. It is essential that the Armed Services participate and co-operate wholeheartedly.

It is considered that ACE DENMARK can contribute to the conversion from F-16 to F-35 that the Air Force must undertake, together with streamlining of the Air Force’s resources.

For ACE DENMARK to be established in a size that makes a difference, it is assumed that the relevant defence facilities, competencies and tasks are brought into play.

Aerospace and aircraft maintenance is a relatively limited and demanding market, with relatively few major providers. In order to assert themselves at the highest level, it is crucial that small countries with few military aircraft concentrate their efforts.

This implies that the Armed Services and the State show the necessary willingness and commitment to create the necessary national business requirements for ACE DENMARK through tasks that can fall into the framework of ACE DENMARK.

Today, these tasks are typically located in the Armed Services major work sites, the structure of the Armed Services known as Maintenance Level 2 (VN2)—this level is also known as D-level (Depot Level).

An example of this is the current VN2 maintenance of aircraft engines for the F-16 and helicopters. Maintenance of aircraft engines is one of the most challenging and costly aspects of aircraft maintenance. The Armed Services VN2 aircraft engine maintenance conducted today at Skrydstrup and in Korsor is today globally recognized in competence and experience.

Aircraft engine maintenance is not included in the operational maintenance level (the structure of the Armed Services known as VN1) and will immediately be transferred to ACE DENMARK.